[MarkLogic Dev General] Session Problem Between Orbeon and MarkLogic

Dan Kereliuk kered at dainty.ca
Tue Aug 7 13:46:49 PDT 2012


I'm currently trying to get my Orbeon Forms application working with
MarkLogic 5.0, but I'm having trouble keeping a session going. I have
some XQueries hosted on an HTTP server set up in MarkLogic: one query
logs a user in and sets a session field with xdmp:set-session-field(),
the next query should bring back that field with

This works when I execute the queries directly in the browser, but when
I try to send the requests from my Orbeon application, the session is
not carried over from one query to the next (get-session-field() comes
up blank in the second query). Orbeon is running in a Tomcat servlet at
port 8080, while the queries in MarkLogic sit at port 8008. I've tried
examining the HTTP headers between requests, and it seems the SessionID
cookie is not being returned by MarkLogic in the response.

Anyone have any idea what's happening here and/or how to fix it?

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