[MarkLogic Dev General] Word Document Processing

Tim Meagher tim at aaom.net
Thu Aug 9 03:00:42 PDT 2012

Hi Folks,


I'm new to the idea of storing, converting, and extracting Microsoft Word
documents in and from MarkLogic and I have a couple of questions:


1.       How does one go about storing a Microsoft Word 2007/2010 docx
document in MarkLogic and then downloading it?  It seems to me that this is
pretty straight-forward, but I'm wondering if there are any catches.


2.       How do I do the same for Microsoft Word 97-2003 doc documents?


3.       I have reviewed the marklogic-document-support PDF for ML 5 which
includes information about the Conversion option.  Do I understand correctly
that with the Conversion option I should be able to load any Mac or
Microsoft Word document into MarkLogic, convert it into a common XHTML
format which can be parsed (and edited), and further convert it into a
desired version (e.g., Microsoft Word 2007 docx) for download?


4.       Is the Conversion option also available for ML 4.2 and if so, where
would I get the marklogic-document-support PDF for that?


Thanks for the help!


Tim Meagher


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