[MarkLogic Dev General] XDMP-RMRECORD : Journal record too large

Danny Sokolsky Danny.Sokolsky at marklogic.com
Fri Aug 10 13:31:10 PDT 2012

I think it means you are trying to insert something that is larger than your journal size, which seems to be 256MB.  You can try making your journals bigger.  That will take up more disk space, but allow you to have larger journals.  You might try raising it to 512 or 1024 MB.


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I'm running into a "Journal record too large" error. See below.

Any idea what that means and what I should do ?


TaskServer: XDMP-RMRECORD: xdmp:invoke("/Xplana/queue.xqy", (fn:QName("", "flowName"), fn:doc("/validations/1371.xml")/validation/flowName/text(), fn:QName("", "fileBinary"), ...)) -- Journal record too large: journalSize=256MB, recordSize=402MB

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