[MarkLogic Dev General] search:parse parenthetical grouping

Michael Blakeley mike at blakeley.com
Fri Aug 10 16:59:22 PDT 2012

That does seem undesirable. I was going to refer you to https://github.com/mblakele/xqysp but it doesn't do much better - unless you can get your users to quote the number?

import module namespace qe="com.blakeley.xqysp.query-eval"
 at "query-eval.xqy";

cts:and-query((cts:word-query("123", ("lang=en"), 1), cts:word-query("4", ("lang=en"), 1), cts:word-query("5", ("lang=en"), 1)), ())
cts:word-query("123.4(5)", ("lang=en"), 1)

You can pass that output to search:resolve(), with pretty much the same semantics as search:search.

-- Mike

On 10 Aug 2012, at 16:15 , Will Thompson wrote:

> I need to prevent paren grouping from happening when the parens are part of a string - typically it's a reference-type number. I can't think of a situation where this would be desirable anyway:
> search:parse('123.4(5)')
> => cts:and-query((cts:word-query("123.4(5"), cts:word-query(")")))
> If I change the grammar to require a space on either or both sides of the paren, then it will always break some legitimate grouping case like "(hello AND world)".
> Is there any way to control these grammar options a little further? It would be easy if you could just use regexes in the grammar options, i.e.:
> <starter strength="30" apply="grouping" delimiter="(^|\s)/)">/(($|\s)</starter>
> Thanks,
> Will
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