[MarkLogic Dev General] Size of xml and binary documents

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For XML documents the size is not defined exactly.  What is stored on disk is not the text serialized form, and there are multiple serialized forms for an XML document.
You can retrieve the document and convert it to a string like

    fn:string-length( xs:string(doc("file.xml")))

That should give you something close but is a heavy operation (requires fetching and serializing the document) and may or may not be the same size as when you really extract and store the document.

For binary documents see:


But like XML documents you  need to extract the document to calculate its size.

Another proposition is to store as a document property the size ... again, for XML this size is not a constant but a function of the serialization used.

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In ML 4.2, how do you get the size of both xml and binary documents ?


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