[MarkLogic Dev General] Natural language version of a query?

Tim Finney tjf at tfinney.net
Wed Aug 15 14:29:12 PDT 2012

Hi All,

Has anyone here tried to produce a natural language equivalent of a
search string or the kind used in search:search? As an example, here is
an imaginary search string:

cat OR dog (author:"Smith, John" OR author:"Jones, Thomas")
date-after:1984-03-01 date-before:1991-05-31

I'd like to end up with something like this:

cat OR dog with authors "Smith, John" OR "Jones, Thomas" AND after
1984-03-01 AND before 1991-05-31

(Things are complicated by parentheses, NEAR, NOT, ...)

Are there any built-in functions for doing such a thing?


Tim Finney

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