[MarkLogic Dev General] Multiple (sequential) CPF pipelines

Geert Josten geert.josten at dayon.nl
Wed Aug 22 19:41:08 PDT 2012

Hi David,

Not to spoil your CPF fun, but have you thought about using Information
Studio transformations? It requires your states to follow a single
sequential track, but it uses CPF under the hood, and provides a very nice
user interface to manage and monitor the content flows..

Kind regards,

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>   <state-transition>
>     <state>http://marklogic.com/states/intermediate</state>

                   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ You need to update this one as well

>     <on-success>http://ap.org/states/processed</on-success>
>     <on-failure>http://marklogic.com/states/error</on-failure>
>     <execute>
>       <condition>
> <module>/MarkLogic/cpf/actions/namespace-condition.xqy</module>

Whoops. I corrected this and my second query did end up running, but it
never changed the state to 'processed'. Also, the second query is not
finding the data being stored in the database by the first query. Maybe
this is kind of like trying to insert a document and then read that
document from the database within a single query -- not possible?

I was able to solve my immediate problem by simply combining the two
modules and calling it with a single pipeline, but I am still open to
ideas about threading a document through multiple 'execute' blocks. Thanks
for everyone's help thus far.

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