[MarkLogic Dev General] importing package.xml failing to set modules-directory

Downey, Pat (RBI-UK) Pat.Downey at rbi.co.uk
Fri Aug 24 02:05:48 PDT 2012

Hi Gert,
  Thanks for the response. Sorry for the new thread, but I'd sillily
thought that even though I was subscribed as digest replies to my
messages would be cc'd to my address. But anyway.

I'm calling the install URL with a HTTP POST on Marklogic 5.0-3. I've
had a look at the manual import (that's the one at
http://localhost:8002/manage/v1/package/install right?) and can't see
the message that you're mentioning, but I might be looking in the wrong
place. If I need to hackaround with scraping the admin interface and
submitting the form then that's ok (bit of a pain, but no more so than
automating the initial setup). Any pointers would be appreciated though.
Also I think booster could be extended to provide this capability - do
you think that would be worthwhile?



Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2012 15:10:17 +0200
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	set modules-directory and default-user
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Hi Pat,

Import of default-user is not supported. If you check the messages at
manual import (using the Packaging interface) that are shown on the
outer right side, then it should state that.

Import of modules-database, as well as schema-database I believe, are
broken, I filed a bug report for that a few weeks ago..

There are ways around, but there aren?t very pretty. Are you using the
interface, or calling the install url with an HTTP POST call?

Kind regards,


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*Onderwerp:* [MarkLogic Dev General] importing package.xml failing to
set modules-directory and default-user

Hi all,
  I?m trying to setup a new application server based on the contents of
a package.xml file (that I've previously exported) and am running into
an issue where it doesn?t appear that the modules-directory or
default-user are being set as I would expect. The snippet of xml from
the package.xml file that I'm using is below.

When I import this xml file using (POST?ing it to
http://<server>/:8002/manage/v1/package/install/) The default-user ends
up as ?nobody?, and the modules-database points to ?file-system?.


Has anyone else run into this issue? Or am I just doing something silly?



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