[MarkLogic Dev General] Inserting in a file system module database

David Lee David.Lee at marklogic.com
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I don't believe you can write to files directly from the server.
It would be a huge gaping security hole if you could ... (and/or would require a complex set of authentication )

But back up a level
Database backed Modules are intended for what you are doing.
I am not sure what you mean by  the Module's database default Module database ... Databases don't have Modules databases associated, App servers do. 

Now if you create an App server, yes it defaults to a filesystem backed Module DB.
This is just a default, not a recommendation.    For some uses its easier to put xquery files into a filesystem then  a DB.
But for other users the opposite is  true.  If you want to write module files directly from within MarkLogic you should use a DB backed modules directory.     There is also the advantage that it then participates in all the other databasey things like backups, transactions etc.

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  Through an App Server, I insert some modules dynamically in a
database.  How can I do that if the database is on the file system
(which is the case for the default Modules database)?  As far as
I know, xdmp:document-insert() does not work in that case...

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