[MarkLogic Dev General] Transaction hangs db

Henrik Thiil Nielsen henrikthiil at post1.dansknet.dk
Fri Aug 31 01:07:06 PDT 2012

Dear list members,

I get strange behavior from the server when I run the following  simple

declare option xdmp:transaction-mode "update";

atorid="Abrahams_Aleck"]/src:surname, <src:surname>{ "TEST1"

After this is executed, <surname /> has been updated to "TEST1" but no
statement that I put after the above (before the commit or in a transaction
of its own) executes.   When I try reloading the document from file into the
database in Query Console, the console hangs and I have to restart
MarkLogic. The document "sources_a.xml" is a quite small one of about 100k.

As I am still a rookie I suspect I am doing something wrong though what I am
doing doesn't look much different from the examples in the Application
Developer's Guide. 

Any help would be much appreciated.

Henrik Thiil Nielsen

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