[MarkLogic Dev General] Creating user with read-only permission

Will Thompson wthompson at jonesmcclure.com
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What default permissions, if any, are set on your documents? Have you tried creating a role with only x-admin : read?


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I need to create users with read-only permission over all our documents but, from what I've read, it looks like I have to update the permissions on all documents to do this.

We've got around 10 million documents in ML and all of them were created using a user called "x-admin-user" who is assigned the following roles :


The x-admin role has the following default permissions :

x-user : read
x-user : insert
x-user : update
x-user : execute

So far, the only way I can give my new users access to our data is to give them the role of "x-user" but that gives them update privileges as well.

Is there an easier way to grant read-only access ?


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