[MarkLogic Dev General] Transactions - is eval the best solution?

Michael Blakeley mike at blakeley.com
Fri Feb 10 11:04:28 PST 2012

Maybe using library modules?

Also https://github.com/mblakele/xqut might interest you. Basically it lets you put your XQuery tests into 'expr' elements in an XML document. You can declare imports as part of the test suite, so that every expr will automatically import the right libraries.

-- Mike

On 10 Feb 2012, at 09:55 , Ankur Patwa wrote:

> Hello All,
> I am writing a test suite which involves document insertion, multiple updates to that document and deletion of that document (in that sequence).
> So far, in order to automate the test sequence, I got it working by coding all operations in different eval statements to different transactions and each update be visible to next step in the sequence.
> For orchestration, I have a URL for these tests and I can hit the url to eval test-suite code; which in turn evals all operations as different transactions.
> As a result, I will have my code (# of lines) grow linearly as more tests are added.
> I am curious if there is a better way I can keep my code more manageable and reuse it for different tests.
> Thanks in advance,
> Ankur  
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