[MarkLogic Dev General] xdmp:invoke use-case

Alex Jitianu alex_jitianu at sync.ro
Thu Mar 1 00:19:24 PST 2012


In MarkLogic 5 the function xdmp:invoke has received an option named 
"static-check" that will perform a validation instead of an actual 
evaluation. My use case is that I'm editing such an XQuery module opened 
from the server and I want to validate it but without having to save it 
first. I'm thinking of a sort of content resolver that I can pass to the 
xdmp:invoke. Basically a mapping URI->content. So when the server will 
need to access a module with a given URI will prefer the content from 
the mapping.
Another flexibility that this URI->content mapping gives is that I can 
edit a module but I can validate the main module and I just pass the 
URI->content for the edited module.

So this is my use case. Does anyone know how I can achieve this using 
either XQuery or XCC? Or if currently there is no solution for it, will 
MarkLogic think about adding one?


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