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Comparing Dates

Hi Johnathan,

How about something like:

let $asset_type_code := "STY"
let $asset_creation_date := "20111017"
let $asset_creation_date_start :=
xs:dateTime(fn:replace($asset_creation_date, "^(\d{4})(\d{2})(\d{2})$",
let $asset_creation_date_end := $asset_creation_date_start +


    doc()[//assetTypeCode = $asset_type_code][//firstCreated >=
$asset_creation_date_start][//firstCreated < $asset_creation_date_end]/*

It might perform better though if you’d rewrite to for instance:





        cts:element-range-query(xs:QName("firstCreated"), ">=",

        cts:element-range-query(xs:QName("firstCreated"), "<",



This requires a few indexes though..

Kind regards,


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I wondered what the best way to compare dates using mark logic xquery was?

My query looks like this at the moment:

import module namespace xinc = "http://marklogic.com/xinclude" at

let $asset_type_code := "STY"
let $asset_creation_date := "20111017"

let $results := /*[
    /*/itemMeta/assetTypeCode[text()=$asset_type_code] and

return $results

However what I would like to do is use the $asset_creation_date variable
which would be of format yyyyMMdd and see if it equals the first part of
the firstCreated element which is in a different format as above? There
doesn’t seem to be many date time functions and also I’m not sure if I’m
going about this slightly the wrong way or if I would have to do it in a
second FLOWR statement using some string comparison?


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