[MarkLogic Dev General] Success! + Further Help With Paging/Weighting

Tom Hubschman tom.hubschman at warriorgateway.org
Fri Mar 9 08:43:00 PST 2012

Hi All,

    I finally got the geoquery to work in XCC and I would like to thank Ron
and Mary for all their help.

    I was previously using Corona for this query, and Corona provided a
paging mechanism that was useful (docs per request, start at doc). I also
had a query that Ryan gave me which weighted concentric circles to provide
a result set whereby the closer docs to the point provided were returned
first. In addition to the closer docs I also would like to weight the docs
that have the best match with the word-anywhere query. Here is my current
query, any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!''

   The current parameters, which need to weighted, to the query are
*below. As mentioned above, I would like to change the *100 *mile radius
below to a series of concentric circles whereby the closer docs are to the
point are returned first (weighted higher).

*declare namespace wg="http://www.warriorgateway.org/WGProvider.xsd";*
*cts:search( doc(),*
*            cts:and-query(( "a",*
*                          cts:element-pair-geospatial-query(*
*                                                             cts:circle(
100, cts:point(41.8781136,-87.6297982) )*
*                                                           )*
*                         ))*
*          )*

Thanks once again!


Thomas Hubschman
Director, Engineering
tom.hubschman at warriorgateway.org
Mobile: (415) 612-0359
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