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To be certain, you would need to do two searches and display the results one after the other - depending on how your paging is set up, you could see how many results remain in the phrase search before you execute the second search.

Alternately, you might be able to get similar results by OR-ing the two queries together and adjusting the query weights such that a phrase will always outscore any other word combinations.


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Am looking to implement a business rule that says "Phrase results must be displayed before partials".

So if, using search:search(), I looked for the phrase "medical research", all results having that exact phrase should be shown first, followed by results for "medical" and "research".

A previous contractor managed to implement the generation of the phrase results + partials.  But the problem is, some of the results for "medical" and "research" are displayed first because of their higher scores.

How do I tell MarkLogic to give phrase results a higher score instead ?


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