[MarkLogic Dev General] Question About Corona REST Web service App

Randy Smith randy.smith at msic.dia.mil
Tue Mar 13 13:21:46 PDT 2012

I need a way to query the MarkLogic database and bring back Faceted 
information to a .net C# application. I can do a simple "canned query" 
and bring back xml Facet results via http but I need a way to bring back 
the Faceted results on the fly based on the current query.

  Using REST web services came to mind so I was looking at the MarkLogic 
website and found information on Corona that is used with MarkMail.

Has anyone used Corona to access a MarkLogic database from a .net C# 
application? Not sure how MarkMail uses it. From looking over the Wiki 
page it seems it could be used from any environment and/or language. 
Would appreciate any pointers, suggestions, and/or experiences others 
have had with Corona. Sample code would be greatly appreciated too.

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