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And here are a few more examples in the documentation:



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Are you trying to convert XML to JSON? In your example, you're calling fn:data() on the XML input. fn:data returns the atomic value of whatever you give it. In your case, you get back the text of all of your nodes as a single string. Calling xdmp:to-json on a string returns that string. In order to create nested JSON structures with xdmp:to-json, you'll have provide it map:map instances <http://developer.marklogic.com:8040/5.0doc/docapp.xqy#search.xqy?query=map%3Amap<http://developer.marklogic.com:8040/5.0doc/docapp.xqy#search.xqy?query=map:map>>. Translating XML structures to JSON in the general case is actually pretty tricky business. Today, there's an open-source, community-supported library called mljson <https://github.com/marklogic/mljson> that provides some conversion capabilities. You might take a look at that. If the structure of the XML you're converting into JSON is pretty predictable you might consider building a custom translation either into map:map or a raw JSON string using XSLT or XQuery. We're also looking to improve the built-in JSON support in MarkLogic as well. If you could provide some more details on what you're trying to accomplish others on this list or I may be able to help more.


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On Mar 14, 2012, at 2:56 PM, Jonathan Cook - FM&T wrote:

But what comes out isn't Json?


"highwebdomesticIDX10447671Europe2010-06-29T09:56:21+00:002012-03-12T12:05:58+00:002012-03-14T16:33:29+00:00PUBLISHEDen-GBNews v6cpsSTYOECD sees signs of Europe pick-upThe eurozone shows \"tentative\" signs of recovery, says the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.2012-03-12T11:57:15+00:002012-03-12T12:04:31+00:00en-GBEuropean flagsSTYEurogroup eye on Greece and SpainFinance ministers from eurozone nations are set to discuss Greece's bailout and Spain's deficit at a meeting on Monday.2012-03-12T09:58:04+00:002012-03-12T13:37:24+00:00en-GBProtests in MadridSTYQ&A: Greek debt swap2012-03-07T10:14:44+00:002012-03-09T12:39:11+00:00en-GB2012-02-16T09:20:32+00:00Spain sees its economy contract2012-03-09T11:23:34+00:00Flanders: Where are we now?2012-03-09T08:53:51+00:00Hewitt: Greece deal is temporary reliefSTYVolkswagen forecasts record salesVolkswagen says sales could hit a record in 2012 as strong growth continues in emerging 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That's is how xdmp:to-json works for XML nodes.



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Has anyone successfully got the json extensions working, I have been playing around with the below but you don't get json coming out, just a long string of the element values from the xml?


let $newsml := doc('http://www.bbc.co.uk/asset/b5c53243-e52f-e059-e040-850a02846523/highweb/domestic')
return xdmp:to-json(fn:data($newsml))
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