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It might help to separate the idea of security from the idea of entitlements. A security model is good for hiding content that a given role should never see. An entitlements model is good for optional hiding of content that a user may or may not be able to see in various contexts.

The best way to implement an entitlements model is with additional-query. For example, you might have an XXX collection that the user is entitled to see. If the user selects "limit to available documents" then you silently add an additional query on collection XXX. If the user wants to see all results, you leave that out.

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On 14 Mar 2012, at 21:56 , Steve Adcock wrote:

> Guys,
> Trying to figure out the best way to extend a portion of an application that I'm working on that uses the search:search feature of MarkLogic.  Here's the deal...in MarkLogic, we are storing a bunch of documents, and each document contains something of a DocType node.  We also have a bunch of constraint tags that restrict the data coming back, and one of those constraints does a restriction based on the user that inserted the document.  So by default, users only see the documents that they inserted. 
> However, I want to extend this functionality so it maintains its user restriction, but for a DocType of "XXX", I want to return that as well.  So basically, return all user documents, AND all XXX DocType documents.  
> Is there a decent way to add this functionality using constraints?  I'd rather not issue another query if at all possible.  What's the most efficient way to do this?
> Thanks. 
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