[MarkLogic Dev General] Advice on improving "join" on attribute performance

David Lee David.Lee at marklogic.com
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How big is the file being joined to  ?
If its not too big you could load they key & values into a map:map which should make the join nearly instantaneous.

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Many thanks, Mike & Mike, for the swift responses!

I tried your suggestions as follows, but didn't have any joy:

 *   Factor out the $x/@localisedtextid constant - this made the query run around 35% slower.
 *   Replaced //text with the full path to those elements - negligible speed difference.
 *   Created a range index of the form [string] :text/@:id - negligible speed difference.

    *   I tried both with a reindex, and reloading the lang_en.xml document.
The index seems to be playing a part, as query tracing shows lines like this:

2012-03-16 14:12:15.199 Info: App-Services: at 4:54: Comparison contributed string range value constraint: text/@id = "ElementName144092"

instead of the hash value constraint lines.
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