[MarkLogic Dev General] Advice on improving "join" on attribute performance

Geert Josten geert.josten at dayon.nl
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Hi Nick,

I guess David is referring to the xdmp:get-server-field() and
xdmp:set-server-field() functions (
Make sure to check whether it is initialized. You could also insert the
map:map into the database, but retrieval from database might be slower.
Would be beneficial if you’d need to share info among hosts or
initialization would be relatively slow, but perhaps that is not the case

I’m expecting ordering on $x/@id to be slow because there is no range index
on it. Results might improve if you’d index the id attrib on
elementa,elementb,etc. (You can supply multiple element names in a single
index.) I also think the ordering might perform best if elementa, elementb,
etc are declared as fragment roots, or stored as individual documents (not
sure that would fit you data approach)..

Personally, I prefer to rely on the search and lexicon function of
MarkLogic explicitly. That helps you writing you logic such that you
optimally use the indexes, and you don’t depend on the optimizer so much to
translate your code to use the indexes.

Kind regards,


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attribute performance

Many thanks, David - just tried creating and serialising a map version of
the language data, and then using it inside my test query - massive speedup
as you suggested; less than two seconds for the "experienced" user elapsed
time, <0.24 seconds reported by the profiler and only a small transient
memory hit (~1%).

Please would you point me at appropriate documentation on system global

On 16 March 2012 14:26, David Lee <David.Lee at marklogic.com> wrote:

That is a perfect use case for maps.

If the file doesn't change often you could even set it as a system global

Let me know if you'd like some sample code


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It's just shy of 1.5Mb for one language with just over 13000 entries, so
that might be feasible...?

We've got localised text for eight languages, so if used in production that
would be about 12Mb total.

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