[MarkLogic Dev General] Determining stems for proper nouns?

Geert Josten geert.josten at dayon.nl
Sat Mar 17 10:22:07 PDT 2012

Or to extend on the idea of Mike, add two query terms, one case-sensitive,
one case-insensitive, and give the later a lower weight..

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> On 3/17/2012 9:02 AM, David Sewell wrote:
> > On Sat, 17 Mar 2012, Mike Sokolov wrote:
> >
> >> It looks as if it just doesn't "know" that there is such a thing as a
> >> or a Whig, and doesn't apply rule-based stemming to unknown
> >> words, which is sensible, because how could it know whether (for
> >>
> >> Barsoomians is a plural noun that could be stemmed or simply a name
> >> Barsoomians) that should not.
> >>
> >> Just a guess, and I have no clue what the MarkLogic word list is, but
> >> suppose you could derive it from exhaustive search...
> > Right, the brute-force fallback would be processing a lexicon list of
> > all the capitalized words in the database. I'm sort of hoping to avoid
> > that, though.
> >
> Have you considered a two-pass search where you widen by lower-casing
> all terms when no results are found?  The result wouldn't be as precise
> as it could be if you knew which terms were in the stemming dict, but
> would enable you to find Young as a name (or at the start of a sentence)
> without matching young, and also match Quaker->Quakers.
> -Mike
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