[MarkLogic Dev General] options not working with in cts:uri query

amit gope amitgope2 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 20 05:17:03 PDT 2012

Hi ,

My query fetches uri's for those documents which checks meta:Country value
and then produces the result.

For Eg. in the query mentioned below the meta:Country value is India. Now
the issue is that the DB has values like:

' (Indias)'
 But every time it gives the same result count along with the same set of
URI's. Please suggest what should i change in the query or in the options
so that i get the desired result .
let $options := ('exact')
let $uri :=cts:uris('', ('document','limit=500000000'),
            (cts:and-query((cts:directory-query('/content/', 'infinity'),
             cts:element-value-query(xs:QName('meta:Country'), '
India',$options)), ())), (), ())

return (count($uri),$uri)

Thanks in Advance.

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