[MarkLogic Dev General] Java XCC save query result to file

Ron Hitchens ron at ronsoft.com
Tue Mar 20 14:05:42 PDT 2012

   Simple.  Call asString() on the ResultSequence object
and write the String to a file.  Or asStrings() if you
want a separate String for each item in the sequence to
send to different files.

   Or, if the result is truly streaming (see the setCacheResult())
method of the RequestOptions class, streaming is not the default),
you can use the writeTo() methods on the ResultItem(s) in the
ResultSequence.  These take an open Writer or OutputStream and
copy the data across.  They work if you're not streaming, as well.

   There is an example in the XCC JavaDocs that might be helpful.
Go to http://community.marklogic.com/pubs/5.0/javadoc/index.html,
click the com.marklogic.xcc.examples package and then ContentFetcher
class (top one).  Look for the "Click here for the source code for
this class" link just above the Constructor Summary heading.

On Mar 20, 2012, at 8:37 PM, Gary Larsen wrote:

> Hi,
> For some queries I’m using the xdmp:save() function to store results to file.   This will not always work because the MarkLogic server may not have access to the share location.
> Instead the results will need to be saved by the application by streaming the ResultSequence returned from session.submitRequest(request) call.
> Is there a preferred way to do this?
> Thanks for your advice.  An example would be helpful if you have one.
> Gary
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