[MarkLogic Dev General] Corona Questions

Randy Smith randy.smith at msic.dia.mil
Thu Mar 22 12:16:43 PDT 2012

Trying to come up to speed with the Alpha version of Corona. i.e. the 
REST connection to MarkLogic.
*BTW this is what I really need so thanks to the developer group!*

I want to use it with a .NET app, i.e. send http queries, requests, etc 
and use the MarkLogic results in the .NET app.
Firs,t this is my view of how Corona works which may not be correct:
     - Http app server receives the REST message based on documentation 
rules i.e. server http address; service name; options etc... for the 
particular service.
     - Uses the library of apps to query or do whatever to the MarkLogic 
db it points to.
      - Packages the results and returns the results via Http to fulfill 
the request.

History of what I've done:
1. I've got Corona installed according to the instructions (I hope :-) ).
2. Ran the test/index.html test suite.
     - A lot of the tests run ok. Some do not. Not sure if this is 
because it is Alpha code or my error.
3. Pointed the http app server to the top-songs database we used in 
class as a test.
4. Note that the "setup" process added several Element Range Index to 
the database, i.e. rangeEl, fromPersonal, rangeKey, both string and 
decimal._*Is this normal?*_
5. Almost everything I've tried from the .NET app or just adding the 
http call in a browser gives a 404 or 500 error.
     - |For example:

||        http//myhost:8011/search?stringQuery=cat


Any ideas on where to look to get Corona to begin to talk back to me?

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