[MarkLogic Dev General] Another Corona Question

Randy Smith randy.smith at msic.dia.mil
Wed Mar 28 09:05:25 PDT 2012

Still trying to get Corona working. In fact, we had a break through and 
it seems to be working to some degree. The problem is that we can point 
it to a database that has data (like the top-songs database we used in 
class) but an empty result set is returned when using something like...


  However, during our testing we did find one database where Corona 
returned results. We were surprised.
Question, what are things to look for when one database will not return 
results and another will?
     - Is it permissions? We don't think this is a problem.
     - Is it related to namespaces?
     - Is it related to encoding?
     - Other?

Any help appreciated.
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