[MarkLogic Dev General] bucket lacks @le and @gt

Tim Finney tjf at tfinney.net
Wed Mar 28 12:55:27 PDT 2012

Hi All,

In search:search, a bucketed range constraint allows intervals to be
specified using @ge and @lt. E.g.

<constraint name="decade">
  <range type="xs:gYear" facet="true">
    <bucket lt="1920" name="earlier">earlier</bucket>
    <bucket ge="1920" lt="1930" name="1920s">1920s</bucket>
    <bucket ge="1930" lt="1940" name="1930s">1930s</bucket>

It is sometimes necessary to use complementary limits, as when filtering
for dates that are less than or equal to a "to" date. However,
specifying @le or @gt on a bucket element produces an unfiltered result
set for that bucket.

Are there plans to add @le and @gt as bucket attributes? If not, should
I make a feature request for adding these two? (@eq might be useful,
too. I don't know whether or not @eq is recognised as a bucket


Tim Finney

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