[MarkLogic Dev General] call a wsdl file from marklogic

judie pearline jj_judie at yahoo.co.in
Thu Mar 29 05:40:09 PDT 2012

Thanks Darin, When i tried with xdmp:http-get its throwing the following error

xdmp:http-post("http://....) -- 
Socket error: recv xxxxxx: EOF

I have given the data in SOAP XML Structure.  Help me on this error. 


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Not sure I completely understand your question.  But, I believe you are asking how to call a particular operation/method on a web service.  If it is a simple REST service, then this should be straightforward using either xdmp:http-get or xdmp:http-post.  You would have to manually construct the URI and payload that the service expects.  There is no way that I'm aware of for MarkLogic to process a WSDL and automatically make the call for you.  You will need to understand the WSDL (what the service expects, etc.) and manually create the request and process the response.  The payload construction becomes a bit more complicated if the WSDL is defining a SOAP operation (but it is certainly doable).


 From: judie pearline <jj_judie at yahoo.co.in>
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Sent: Thursday, March 29, 2012 5:12 AM
Subject: [MarkLogic Dev General] call a wsdl file from marklogic


Is there any way to call a wsdl from marklogic? I have referred the post: http://www.mail-archive.com/general@developer.marklogic.com/msg03096.html
Which http function is used to call a particular method with parameter in the wsdl file. 
Any suggestion with sample would be helpful. Thanks 

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