[MarkLogic Dev General] cts:sum-aggregate returned incorrect result

Danny Sokolsky Danny.Sokolsky at marklogic.com
Thu Mar 5 15:58:27 PST 2015

Did you try this with item-frequency passed in as an option to cts:sum-aggregate?


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I'm testing the cts:sum-aggregate function on a database with 100 million documents.  There exists a range index for an element, num, I used for this test.

Evaluating this:


This returns the result

            ==> 832,332,413  (: commas inserted for viewing :)

Since I know that num falls in the range of 1980 - 2010 and I know every document in the collection has exactly one 'num' element.  I expect the result to be around


I also verified by running the DEPRECATED function, cts:sum

            cts:sum(cts:element-values(xs:QName("num"), (), ("type=int")))

The result from cts:sum is what I had expected:

            ==> 202,695,795,325 (: commas inserted for viewing :)

I also did another test in a smaller database, here, the cts:sum-aggregate function gave the correct result.  Can someone explain?


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