[MarkLogic Dev General] Issue with Registering Resoruce extenion in cluster

Erik Hennum Erik.Hennum at marklogic.com
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Hi, Gnanaprakash:

Are you sending requests to all three nodes?

One typical approach for a three-node cluster is to put most of the forests on two of the nodes (the dnodes) and serve requests on one node (the enode).

Anyway, whether you have one enode or several enodes, the enodes should all share the same modules database. You should only have to install the resource service extension once.

Can you expand on how the extension was not working as expected before you installed on the other nodes?

Erik Hennum

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I am facing an issue with resource extensions in cluster environment.

We are having 3 node cluster and we are registering our resource extension to node 1 which is our bootstrap node.

The resource extension is working without issue on node 1 where we registered but not working as expected on other 2 nodes.

/v1/config/resources is showing differences. Node1 is different from node2 and node 3.

Can someone help me understand if there is any specific procedure of registering resource extension in clustered environment?

We are using ML 6.0-2.3 version.

Do we need to register resource extension on each node in a cluster? Registering on each node is solving this issue but want to confirm the best approach and how exactly the resource extensions registration works?

Gnanaprakash Bodireddy

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