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Erik Hennum Erik.Hennum at marklogic.com
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Hi, Paul:

When you say "redeployed my app," what kind of application is it?

If it's a ApplicationBuilder app, it depends on the REST API, which switched from the imperative XQuery rewriter to the new declarative XML rewriter.  In that case, you might open the appserver in the Admin Ui and check the url rewriter field to make sure that upgrade has set the field to


instead of


Hoping that helps,

Erik Hennum

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I recently upgraded to ML8 and redeployed my app on my local dev environment (Win Serv 2k8) without a hitch.  But when I tried the same upgrade steps on a test server (Linux), I am getting a 404 error when trying to access the application.  It’s as if it cannot see modules in the modules db associated with the appserver.  I’ve double checked the modules db and root path settings.

In the qconsole, the Content Source properly lists my “[database] ([modules db])” combination and I can invoke a loaded module there successfully.  The ErrorLog shows nothing and the AccessLog for that port just shows the GET attempt with the 404 response code.

Any suggestions?

-- Paul Williams

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