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David Ennis david.ennis at hinttech.com
Fri Mar 20 16:06:43 PDT 2015

Rewriter or permissions?

On 20 March 2015 23:17:45 CET, Paul Williams <Paul.Williams at flatironssolutions.com> wrote:
>I recently upgraded to ML8 and redeployed my app on my local dev
>environment (Win Serv 2k8) without a hitch.  But when I tried the same
>upgrade steps on a test server (Linux), I am getting a 404 error when
>trying to access the application.  It's as if it cannot see modules in
>the modules db associated with the appserver.  I've double checked the
>modules db and root path settings.
>In the qconsole, the Content Source properly lists my "[database]
>([modules db])" combination and I can invoke a loaded module there
>successfully.  The ErrorLog shows nothing and the AccessLog for that
>port just shows the GET attempt with the 404 response code.
>Any suggestions?
>-- Paul Williams
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