[MarkLogic Dev General] How to display updated document right after update query

Sudheer Yalaverthi sudheer.yalaverthi at db.com
Fri Mar 27 09:02:38 PDT 2015

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Hi Danny,

You can end the transaction with semi colon. Then in the same x-query, access the document and return it.

For ex.

(: This is the first transaction where update happens:)
declare variable $uri as xs:string := "/doc/sample.xml";
let $doc := fn:doc($uri)
return xdmp:node-replace($doc/update-node, element new-node { "new text"})

(:This is the second transaction where you can read the changes from first transaction :)
(: Variables, imports, namespaces must be defined again here.:)

declare variable $uri as xs:string := "/doc/sample.xml";


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Subject: [MarkLogic Dev General] How to display updated document right after update query

I've an update query that replaces a node within a document.

The node replacement works, but the requirement is for the same query to return the contents of the updated document.

I know this isn't normally possible since the update query doesn't do a commit till after the query is executed.

Anybody know of a workaround for this ?


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