[MarkLogic Dev General] REST API allows for downloading of code

Erik Hennum Erik.Hennum at marklogic.com
Sat Mar 28 08:08:08 PDT 2015

Hi, Danny:

Starting in 7.0-3 (I think), only a user with the rest-extension-user role can execute a REST extension.

You can define a role that inherits the rest-extension-user role and has the rest-reader privilege (not the rest-reader role) and rest-writer privilege (again, not the role).

I know that users with such roles can execute extensions and read and write documents.

I suspect (but haven't confirmed) that such users can't read extensions.

Hoping that's useful,

Erik Hennum

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ML apparently allows downloading of code for REST API resource extensions as documented in https://docs.marklogic.com/guide/rest-dev/extensions#id_20662 .

For security purposes, is there a way to control which user can execute these REST API resource extensions and who can download their corresponding code ?

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