[MarkLogic Dev General] mlcp, -document_selector: level of XPath support?

Markus Flatscher flatscherm at avalonconsult.com
Mon Mar 30 09:03:45 PDT 2015

According to the mlcp docs, the value passed into -document_selector
"specifies an XPath expression used to select which documents are exported
from the database."

However, using mlcp-1.2-2, this only seems to work for simple XPaths. Any
comparison operators or even parentheses in the XPath throw errors for me:

mlcp export […] -document_selector '/root[child/child = "1"]'
(ERROR contentpump.ContentPump: Unrecognized argument: =)

Does anyone have a working example for an mlcp export with
-document_selector and a complex XPath expression?



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