[MarkLogic Dev General] mlcp, -document_selector: level of XPath support?

Christopher Hamlin cbhamlin at gmail.com
Mon Mar 30 09:12:47 PDT 2015

Hi Markus,

Are you sure the command-line arguments are all being parsed correctly?

With debug on it shows info on that:

chamlin at MacPro:bin$ ~/mlcp/bin/mlcp.sh copy -document_selector
'/root[child/child = "1"]'

15/03/30 12:08:49 DEBUG contentpump.ContentPump: Command: COPY

15/03/30 12:08:49 DEBUG contentpump.ContentPump: Arguments:
-document_selector /root[child/child = "1"]

15/03/30 12:08:49 ERROR contentpump.ContentPump: Error parsing command

15/03/30 12:08:49 ERROR contentpump.ContentPump: Missing required
options: input_username, input_password, input_host, output_username,
output_password, output_host

If this is the problem, I'd guess it is in your '...'.  But debug
appears to show the arguments so you could rule that out.

Debug reference:



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