[MarkLogic Dev General] Unable to Start MarkLogic on CentOS

David Lee David.Lee at marklogic.com
Mon Mar 30 12:57:02 PDT 2015

What version ML and CentOS are you running ?

Also sometimes your existing environment can conflict with starting ML this way.
Although its documented to start ML directly via /init.d/MarkLogic,
its generally better to use the OS specific service startup.  On systems with service
( most linux systems )  try this as root.

    service MarkLogic start

That will guarentee you a clean environment, and is as close to boot environment.

Check to see if you have any configurations that might change the setting
export MARKLOGIC_INSTALL_DIR=/opt/MarkLogic

And if so make sure the entire directory structure  is copied.

Check for this file
ls -l  /opt/MarkLogic/mlcmd/bin/is-ec2.sh

And make sure its r+x for root

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I did a fresh installation of MArkLogic on CentOS and when I start the server , below error occurs ,  can anyone guide me resolve it?
Is the installation successful? There were no errors during installation.

[admin at localhost Desktop]$ /etc/init.d/MarkLogic start
/etc/sysconfig/MarkLogic: line 63: is-ec2.sh: command not found
Starting MarkLogic: /bin/bash: /opt/MarkLogic/bin/MarkLogic: No such file or directory

Mamatha Garrepalli

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