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Dave Cassel Dave.Cassel at marklogic.com
Mon Jan 4 12:27:50 PST 2016

Hello Community,

I hope you all enjoyed the holidays and are ready to tackle new projects in the new year. I have some interesting developments to report as we wrap up 2015.

MarkLogic web site search
As of mid-December, when you search on www.marklogic.com you'll see some content from developer.marklogic.com, and vice versa. This brings together technical content (answering how? questions) with business-level content (answering what? and why?). We have plans to bring more content into the DMC database and make it available for searching. Stay tuned!

DMC Content
Speaking of content, Erin Miller wrote a paper called "Performance: Understanding System Resources<http://developer.marklogic.com/learn/understanding-system-resources>". The paper looks at common MarkLogic operations and describes their impact on your system's resources. This is great material for architects, administrators, and developers, to make sure that the system can handle an application's needs and that an application takes advantage of the available resources.

We also had two new blog posts in December. Paxton Hare, now a member of the Community Team, provided the first installment of an occasional series that addresses claims people have trouble believing about MarkLogic. He starts off with "True or False? MarkLogic is ACID compliant.<http://developer.marklogic.com/blog/marklogic_is_acid_compliant_nosql>"

Mary Holstege shared some wisdom about stemming options<http://developer.marklogic.com/blog/stemming-options> and how they relate to various languages.

Community Projects
Bhagat Bandlamudi has announced the availability of Corb 2.2.1<https://github.com/marklogic/corb2/releases/tag/2.2.1>, with 2-way SSL, better error handling, specific exit codes, and more enhancements. Check it out on GitHub<https://github.com/marklogic/corb2>.


  *   Stockholm, January 27th: Introduction to MarkLogic<http://www.meetup.com/MarkLogic-User-Group-Nordics/events/225535438/> (Meetup)
  *   Tysons Corner, January 27th: Hands-on Node.js<http://www.marklogic.com/events/hands-on-nodejs-workshop/> (Workshop)
  *   Check the Events<http://www.marklogic.com/events/> page to see where else you can hear about the challenges that MarkLogic is tackling


Dave Cassel<http://davidcassel.net>, @dmcassel<https://twitter.com/dmcassel>
Technical Community Manager
MarkLogic Corporation<http://www.marklogic.com/>

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