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Geert Josten Geert.Josten at marklogic.com
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Hi Siva,

I can’t help with the Eclipse IDE integration. Not even sure how well it works with latest MarkLogic. I do know that oXygen Enterprise edition provides excellent integration with MarkLogic.

Regarding displaying error messages:

You could put a try catch inside your spawn-function, and return the error xml as result. Pass in the <result>true</result> option to spawn-function to make QC waits for errors.

Another option would be to just monitor the ErrorLog while your code is running. You can do that from the Admin UI (Logs tab on the start screen), or you could look at this project that provides a Google Chrome plugin:


Note: not sure how up to date the MLLogParser project is..

Kind regards,

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Dear Team,

Is there any way to display error message in query console during  spawn-function running and also kindly guide me how to debug the marklogic using eclipse ide.

Thanks & Regards,

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