[MarkLogic Dev General] Facets on properties in ML4.2

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Are you really running MarkLogic 4.2? This is ancient. You should plan to upgrade as soon as feasible. It will be very difficult for the community or MarkLogic Support to assist you with this version. The most recent version is 8.0-4.

It is possible to facet on properties. cts:values has an option that allows you include values from properties fragments. (Or cts:element-values in 4.2.) However, in general, I'd advise against properties fragments. Because they are separate from document fragments, properties require extra work to join at query time. If you don't want to change/enrich your actual document content you can use an envelope to "wrap" your documents:

<my:envelope xmlns:my="…">
  <my:meta>…</my:meta><!-- <-- properties go here -->
  <my:body>…</my:body><!-- <-- organically document contents goes here -->

This has the advantage of segregating the metadata (properties) and data, but also colocates them in the same fragment, reducing the work that queries will have to do.


> On Jan 7, 2016, at 1:35 AM, Rajamani.Marimuthu at cognizant.com wrote:
> Hi Team,
>   We are trying to implement facets from various property elements in ML4.2 version . Is that possible. Like
>   Search term :  “sample” present in content body
>   Facets : on some properties like : author, geography   etc. from document properties . Kindly appreciate if have some sample custom constraint or similar options
> By
> Raja >>>                                                                                                                                   
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