[MarkLogic Dev General] Marklogic hosting options?

Dennis Garlick dennisgarlick at ucla.edu
Thu Jan 7 13:58:13 PST 2016


Without going through all of the time and expense to test various
options, I’m wondering what are the possible drawbacks (or even
feasibility) of using the following to host a Marklogic environment:

•       Is it feasible to use Amazon Web Services just for storage,
while the server is on premises (as opposed to having the server in the
cloud as well)? I’m guessing this is possible, but would it really hurt
•       If you have a 3-server Marklogic cluster, does it make sense for
them to connect to a single SAN storage, or should they each have their
own SAN storage?
•       Is it feasible to have a cluster where nodes in the cluster are
located in different locations such as different states (assuming that
data on one node will not be replicated on the other nodes)? Or would
performance demands mean that the servers of a cluster should ideally
(or preferably) reside in the same data center?



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