[MarkLogic Dev General] Marklogic hosting options?

Wayne Feick wayne.feick at marklogic.com
Thu Jan 7 15:07:52 PST 2016

 1. I wouldn't expect a private data center cluster to perform well with
    remote AWS storage. You wouldn't be able to use EBS, so you'd either
    need to use S3 (with the drawback that you can't journal), or NFS.
    Today, NFS is only possible with EC2 so you'd have instance costs
    anyway. Soon they will be offering a managed NFS service, but I'm
    not sure if their managed service will be accessible from elsewhere.
 2. A 3-node MarkLogic cluster running against a single SAN is a normal
    configuration. The SAN should provide high performance, and be
    configured for high-availability as much as possible to reduce the
    risk of a single point of failure.
 3. We expect high-bandwidth and low-latency between hosts in a cluster.
    In the case of AWS availability zones, best practice is to spread a
    cluster across 3 zones, and Amazon places those zones in different
    physical locations. You could build multi-site private
    infrastructure similar to what Amazon has built, but when you start
    talking about spreading those sites across different states I would
    be concerned about achieving sufficiently high-bandwidth and
    low-latency between them. I would not proceed down that path unless
    you are a black-belt who is experienced at running with knives, and
    even then I would think long and hard about alternatives. An
    alternative architecture would be to have a separate cluster at each
    location, and use database replication to mirror state to the other

On 01/07/2016 01:58 PM, Dennis Garlick wrote:
> Hi,
> Without going through all of the time and expense to test various
> options, I’m wondering what are the possible drawbacks (or even
> feasibility) of using the following to host a Marklogic environment:
> •       Is it feasible to use Amazon Web Services just for storage,
> while the server is on premises (as opposed to having the server in the
> cloud as well)? I’m guessing this is possible, but would it really hurt
> performance?
> •       If you have a 3-server Marklogic cluster, does it make sense for
> them to connect to a single SAN storage, or should they each have their
> own SAN storage?
> •       Is it feasible to have a cluster where nodes in the cluster are
> located in different locations such as different states (assuming that
> data on one node will not be replicated on the other nodes)? Or would
> performance demands mean that the servers of a cluster should ideally
> (or preferably) reside in the same data center?
> Thanks,
> Dennis
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