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Hi Soumadri Roy,

MarkLogic merely omitted non-significant decimals in the serialized form of the JSON, or maybe your browser is actually doing that. The JSON datatype is Number, which is a double by definition, regardless if the number has a fraction or not. See also for instance:


Is this giving you trouble somehow?

Kind regards,

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I am trying to transform the below mentioned XML data into JSON:

When I am executing it against a database which does not have the respective schema associated I am getting the following output:
{"data":{"price1":"10.23", "price2":"10.00"}}

When I am executing it against a database with proper schema associated, it returns the following:
{"data":{"price1":10.23, "price2":10}}

Note that the second one treated the values as integer. This is not happening when the data is returned in XML format.

Why the function is behaving differently in the above two cases and is there a way to retain two decimal places after dot(.) even when the schema is associated?

Soumadri Roy

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