[MarkLogic Dev General] CPF pre-commit action?

Danny Sokolsky Danny.Sokolsky at marklogic.com
Thu Jan 14 15:42:21 PST 2016

Hi Will,

I can't think of a way to do this without modifying the core cpf code.    For some of the status-change-handling pipeline steps, there are pre-commit triggers, but those are for cpf bookkeeping mostly, I believe.  And I would not recommend changing that code.

But I would question why you would want to do this.  CPF is designed to be resilient and to allow you to have multiple steps in your pipeline.  Why not make a step that does the transform its own step?  If you do not want the document to be visible until it is transformed, then put it in some collection initially that is not seen by your application, and then take it out of that collection when you are done with the transform (or something similar to that).

Is it just because you want to have one less step in your pipeline that you want to do this?


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Is it possible to configure a CPF pipeline such that when a document is inserted, transformations are first executed on the document in a pre-commit stage, and if those complete successfully, then the transformation result is what's finally committed at that URI? And any remaining pipeline could carry on without the pre-transformed data ever being visible to the database?

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