[MarkLogic Dev General] Custom JSON objects

Kari Cowan KCowan at alm.com
Mon Jan 18 16:07:00 PST 2016

Just returning to this, I wanted to try constructing the map, but instead of getting back the values, I get back the document URI and path to the node.    Not what I expected.  What am I doing wrong?

let $outputSimpleJSON:=

  for $doc in $search-this-partner/event (: there are 3 records in this set :)

    let $theEvent:= $doc//EventTitle
    let $theStartDate:=$doc/EventStartDate

  let $map := map:new((
    map:entry("EventTitle", $theEvent),
    map:entry("EventStartDate", $theStartDate)

return xdmp:to-json($map)


{"EventStartDate":"fn:doc(\"\/data-sources\/events\/Akira_7877013.xml\")\/event\/EventStartDate", "EventTitle":"fn:doc(\"\/data-sources\/events\/Akira_7877013.xml\")\/event\/EventTitle"}
{"EventStartDate":"fn:doc(\"\/data-sources\/events\/TheDayTheEarthStoodStillMarch08,2017.xml\")\/event\/EventStartDate", "EventTitle":"fn:doc(\"\/data-sources\/events\/TheDayTheEarthStoodStillMarch08,2017.xml\")\/event\/EventTitle"}
{"EventStartDate":"fn:doc(\"\/data-sources\/events\/Solaris_956351.xml\")\/event\/EventStartDate", "EventTitle":"fn:doc(\"\/data-sources\/events\/Solaris_956351.xml\")\/event\/EventTitle"}

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Hi Kari,

You can use the "custom" strategy with json:config(): http://docs.marklogic.com/json:config. There are lots of options that can be specified to control the transformation(for instance, "ignore-attribute-names").

Alternately, you can manipulate the resulting JSON object, or even code your own transformation. One of the simplest ways to implement your own transformation is to construct nested maps from the data you want, and then convert the map to json:

let $map := map:new((
  map:entry("key", "value"),
  map:entry("anotherKey", "a different value")
return xdmp:to-json($map)



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I had a question from someone on my team if it's possible to return a more simplified version JSON without child and attributes.

For example, compare Events JSON object:


To this:


Events, simply contructed snippet:

let $outputJSON:=("{&#34;events&#34;:[",
  let $config := json:config("full"),
      $cx := map:put( $config, "whitespace", "ignore" )
  return fn:string-join(
    for $doc at $counter in $search-this-partner/event
    order by $doc/EventStartDate/@date descending
    return xdmp:quote(json:transform-to-json($doc, $config)),","),

Is it possible to specify which nodes and the format I want to convert, still using transform-to-json, or do I need to write a custom output myself?

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