[MarkLogic Dev General] Correct option format for certification info in xdmp:http-get() function?

Asit Nautiyal asitnautiyal at outlook.com
Tue Jan 19 22:09:52 PST 2016

Hi David/Geert,

I am not able to call ssl enabled "https" URL' s with xdmp:http-get() function. I added the certificate in my browser and  from browser I am able to call "https" URL''s.

I am using xdmp:http-function() to call https URL's (ssl enabled https server in MarkLogic). We have below options with http-get() function.

<client-cert> ==> in this option I am passing Certificate string

<client-key> == > What "key" I have to pass?

<pass-phrase> ==>  What phrase I have to pass?

I am using pki:get-certificates-for-template($template-id) function to get all certificate information of ssl enabled https server from Security database.

I am getting below sample xml in response:

<pki: certificate>











So, what is the value for http-get() function options <client-key>, <pass-phrase> from above xml?

For <client-cert> I took string from <pki: pem> but I am getting X509-PEMREADCERT error code with message "unable to read PEM encoded Certificate".

Any solution or suggestion to resolve this issue.?


Asit Nautiyal
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