[MarkLogic Dev General] Regarding Error

Mani, Sivasubramani (ELS) s.mani at elsevier.com
Wed Jan 20 03:39:46 PST 2016

Dear team,

I am going to upgrade the Marklogic from old environment to new one (i.e ML 7) for that I have created parallel environment and take the backup of the database from the old one. while taking  the backup I got the following error.

2016-01-20 09:10:10.554 Error: Backup of forest consynContentForest-4 to s3://consyn-backups/prod/database/consynContentDB/20160120-0605370336930, jobid=1649682918792394744 failed: SVC-S3ERR: S3 error: PUT 52428800 http://consyn-backups.s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/prod/database/consynContentDB/20160120-0605370336930/Forests/consynContentForest-4/00013582/ListData?partNumber=868&uploadId=HnRutUfwJwYrj5i0NPVT1G4zrDwsIDkIx3dbHkPWHK3UJuaEGrHjntZwFP1CTLImzZXfzrlj.0OUmu..HftmiT3HbMuZN0a_Pbqn3gTHVNLinQHjMl1lv.iJrlaxeRntPhlYUa6YKdtSyPxdOfFB1g-- 400 Bad Request

Kindly resolve the issue as soon as possible because we are go ahead with production based on your advice.

Thanks & Regards,

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