[MarkLogic Dev General] Data sync up within ML clusters in different zones

David Gorbet David.Gorbet at marklogic.com
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Some questions:

*         Is this database insert-only or does it also allow updates?

*         If it allows updates, are those updates mastered in one of the three locations for a given document, or is it possible for any location to update any document at any time?

*         If it's possible for multiple locations to update the same document at the same time, what are the business rules for resolving conflicts?

*         When you query, do you need to ensure a consistent view across data in all three locations (even if that means it's only up to date with respect to the slowest location), or do you want an inconsistent view, but one that has the most recent data from each location?

In general, anything you can tell us about the application could shed light on the query and update patterns would help, including why you want three active data centers in the first place (is it latency of the application, or something else?

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We are using Marklogic 7 and we are having three different ML clusters which are all primary in USA, UK and Singapore. They are all supporting the same application that inserts data into those clusters. Data in all the three clusters has to be same. For example if there is a document insert in USA cluster, it has to be inserted in UK and Singapore clusters as well. Same applies for any document delete. And all the three cluster has to have the most latest version of a document if that is getting updated frequently.

Is there any feature in Marklogic that enables us to do this? If not, is there any best practice that you will suggest us to follow?


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