[MarkLogic Dev General] declare XML namespace

Kari Cowan KCowan at alm.com
Thu Jan 28 06:41:26 PST 2016

Right, this is just for a RSS option.  It just makes it feed out prettier – I don’t think machines care – it was more for me when inspecting in the browser.

I notice in QConsole that if I explore – ML inserts it for its own purposes, but if I try to insert it on my own custom return layer, it can’t be done.  That seemed a little odd to me but it’s not really required for what I was doing.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

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This is the XML declaration, not an XML namespace declaration.  It is
not part of XDM, and cannot be part of a literal XML in XQuery.  If
you need to include it when you send the document to the outside
world, you need to look at the serialisation options of the interface
you use (something like "omit-xml-declaration=false".)

For example, it's an output option on the app-server level.

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