[MarkLogic Dev General] Is xdml:unquote appropriate for handling accent characters?

Christopher Hamlin cbhamlin at gmail.com
Thu Feb 9 09:44:47 PST 2017

It's still unclear (to me) what is going on.  Here's some stuff I'd try:

Is the title in the ML db?  If so, it's been parsed and stored as UTF-8.

The query console can be complicated since it is goes through layers and is
friendly in its output.

You can check the data by getting dumping out the xml to disk and
inspecting via whatever you might use for that.  Just use xdmp:save.  Then
you know how things are in the db.

Then, if you are going through an appserver, just do the request and store
the result.  Again, check things out on disk.  Look at the headers returned
and the payload.  Is the returned 'stuff' OK in an XML editor?

If that's OK, then what is parsing the return and choking, and why is it
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